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VIEWSLETTER 2 By Jim Cook for 1.0, 04/2000

Hello Beautiful R@inbow Children,

Welcome to the second edition of the VIEWSLETTER.

It slices, it dices, it pokes and it smokes. Spring seems to have sprung and we’re hurtling into another heated up Summer of LUV. The LOVE posse headed into MIAMI full speed ahead in late March with 100% ISIS, MUSTAFA and MICHA & AFKE behind the drivers seat for the WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE. In tow were the deliciously male super models DONAES and MOOSE playing their bongos on a night that landed Micha’s name on the big billboard outside CROBAR. But before getting too far ahead of ourselves boyz and girlz, remember in our last VIEWSLETTER, MICHA and muze AFKE, were flying off to take a bite of the BIG APPLE. Well, they’re back (and went back again and by the time U’ve read this, they will have been back Stateside yet again; boy, those SILVERWING points sure are adding up ). Anyhoo, the first trip to NY NY yielded MICHA his very own solo show at MARY BOONE GALLERY, the namesake of that legendary mistress of the international gallery scene who was responsible for making stellar human beings out of such celebrated artists as JEAN MICHEL BASQUIAT and JULIAN SCHNABEL. The show opens 7 September at her 745 5th Avenue space. U heard it here 1st folks. Incidentally it was Afke’s first jaunt to the BIG A and according 2 her, it wuz luv @ first sight. She and Micha were there initially to schmooze a few sales for their London gallerist ROBERT SANDELSON, present for the ARMORY SHOW, NY’s big art fair and 2 sort everything out for his solo in September. They were staying in a luxurious slumber atop a magnificent penthouse in the center of Manhattan with a pool on the roof (thank-U-very-much Mr. Johnathan Leitersdorf ,who hosted a party which attracted the likes of JAY JOPLIN, the very famous London gallerist/art dealer, and KENT & VICKI LOGAN,the famous San Fransico collectors). Suffice it 2 say that the dynamic duo just didn’t hang aroun’ and sell pictures while in Gotham, nnnnooooooo. While they still managed to party till the cows came home at such delectable watering holes as TWILO,FLOAT, and FUN where Micha did his first ever NY VJ-PERFORMANCE, they even managed a power breakfast or two at the FOUR SEASONS, that bastion of fabulous five star hotels with the best of ‘em including Sandelson, the San Francisco collector, KENT LOGAN, and the stylish MS. BOONE whom it seems, knew everybody that walked in the joint. Also a special RECEPTION was held for Micha@ the ROYALTON HOTEL, hosted by his London Gallerist, MONSIEUR SANDELSON,with al sorts of critics and collectors attending, it became a pleasurable evening full of champagne and wine in the beautiful Royalton PENTHOUSE uptown New York. Jetting from New York to Miami found Micha VJing almost every night @ the hippest place 2 B called B.E.D., South Beach’s answer to their own SUPPER CLUB. Micha VJ’d with the likes of PINKY&LENNART who, dressed up like little cuddly aliens, won the hearts of all the jaded, ELIAN don’t-go-back-to-Cuba concerned Miamians, along with DJ LIPPY who, it’s said, is becoming a st*r in his own right there. Flying back to New York for the premiere of SONIC FRAGMENTS: THE POETICS OF DIGITAL FRAGMENTATION, at the NEW YORK UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL, Micha’s contribution to the world of re-mixed film landed M&A in a different setting , This time the trip was more like a visit to the eighties punk past, which by the way, has become extremely fashionable. No champagne celebrity filled event here folks, the subsidized art circuit has it’s own way of doing things. UH UH. Just a bunch of beer swilling, SUZY AND THE BANSHEE lookin’ dudes and gal’s, dressed in their prerequiste black Micha’s contribution to the project was met with much enthusiasm and applause securing that that project will see many film festivals, underground or otherwise. Flying back to the mainland, in this case Europe, found AFKE and MICHA back @ the homestead on the Herengracht with a host of projects to contend with. One was a campaign for RIBENA, a terribly sweet British drink that mums give their kids on that particular island. A drink that was in a desperate need for an IMAGO-UPDATE, to transport it into the DIGITAL-RAVE-COMMUNITY of fashionable twenty-somethings. We could only drink the stuff frozen or with our favorite vodka (with a stray) but hey, it was such a lucrative deal, we couldn’t say no. Could we? Anyhoo, the campaign is based upon Micha’s existing work entitled PARADISE from his GOODIES SHOW series (page 46 in your Micha Klein/Groninger Museum catalogues boyz and girlz). Specifically, the client wanted a lot of flowers, humming birds and hearts coming out of the RIBENA bottle. After a great many faxes, e-mails, and shouting matches over the phone, the art work was delivered to the client satisfactorily on our side, with the campaign due to premiere all over the UK in mid-May. It will definitely be a Micha Klein, colour-filled, summer of luv in Britain this year with the artwork appearing on bus-stops and DOUBLE-DECKERS as well. Lets hope it stays that way. Other projects included designing a talking logo for LERNOUT & HAUSPIE, one of Europe’s fastest growing companies for developing software in converting speech into text.

All –n- all, it’s shaping up to be a pretty great spring/summer.

We’ll keep you in the know about the happenings at MICHAKLEIN.COM and in the meantime:

"Keep the Spirit high, and the Juices flowing!"


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