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(Released 2021)

Internationally renowned artist and digital pioneer Micha Klein released the his first-ever limited NFT collection, comprising 10,000 unique avatars dubbed ‘Crypto-Pills’.

Crypto-Pills are inspired by Klein’s iconic ‘Pillman’ character, conceived at the height of 90’s rave culture and popularised further by Eminem when featured as a digital backdrop to his Anger Management Tour (2000).

Each algorithmically generated Crypto-Pill is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and represented by a highly detailed, 3000px resolution character featuring any combination of 37 categories and 504 traits, creating a hierarchy of rarity.

Crypto-Pills dropped at 11:11 (CET) on 27 August 2021 with all 10,000 Pills selling out in 11 minutes due to overwhelming demand. The success of this event marks a milestone in the crypto-art revolution and reaffirms Micha Klein’s place in the pantheon of digital art’s original innovators. 



They are available on secondary market at OpenSea, Coinbase and LooksRare.

Crypto-Pill Logo_edited.png
Crypto-Pill #68 Rank 8 Top 0_edited.jpg


(Founded 2018)

Drawing inspiration from Rave to Nerd Culture, this is the 

new street-wear label designed by Micha Klein.

Maison-Pillman.Logo.2 350.png
Maison Pillman Capsule.02.jpg
Black & White Halftone Capsule.jpg
Purple Grey Capsule.jpg

Micha Klein Artist Swatch


Swatch Watch 'Love, Peace & Happiness'

This Artist Swatch was part of the Swatch Fall/Winter Collection 1996, together with artists Jim Avignon, Yoko Ono, Victor Vasarely, Studio Azzurro, and Irit Batsry. 

Cover WIRED Magazine"The Long Boom"  


Cover design and illustrations for WIRED Magazine's "The Long Boom" issue.

Originally released in July 1997, re-commissioned for WIRED's 25th anniversary special edition in 2018.


Coca-Cola "Discover New Look"  


Cinema and TV commercial written, designed and directed by Micha Klein. Originally commissioned for the Netherlands, it sold to 26 countries worldwide.


Eminem Tour Visuals, Feat. Pillman 


Video design for Eminem's "Anger Management Tour".

Used as background projection for all USA and European concerts, during the performance of "Real Slim Shady" and "Purple Pills"

Coca-Cola "Bubble Dream Girl"


Cinema and TV commercial written, designed and directed by Micha Klein.

Shot on film in Malaga. Post-produced on film at Micha Klein Studio, Amsterdam. Music by Tiësto.


Visual Magic - Tiësto in Concert


Micha Klein provided 8 hours of live VJ mixing to visually complement Tiësto's stadium concerts from 2003 in Gelredome, and 2004 in Gelredome and Hasselt. Micha Klein also created the visuals for Tiesto's Playstation Concert in Los Angeles, and Disneyland Concert in Paris, 'In search of Sunrise' concert in Amsterdam, and first concert in Kiev. This video comes from the Tiësto in Concert DVD from 2004 and clearly shows Micha Klein's style of Vjing and some of the atmosphere of the event.

NESCAFÉ by Micha Klein (2009)

Special Edition Professional Coffee Machine designed by Micha Klein.

The project included a design for a matching coffee cup.


Around the World in 80 Days (2003-2004)

Titles & Transition scenes for the Disney movie 'Around The World in 80 Days.

Designed by Micha Klein and produced by Studio Micha Klein in 2003/2004

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